Boarding House Within Calabar

The Purpose of boarding at Awaras’ Academy is to provide a safe and secure family environment within which pupils can develop and become independent, confident and responsible young adults. When pupils board at Awaras’ Academy, they become part of an extended family; their problems will be shared and triumphs celebrated. Living and working within a genuine community provides safe training ground within which to develop critical life skills.

Awaras’ Academy Boarding House

At Awaras’ Academy, we provide our Pupils with A Home Away from Home Boarding House
Welcome to Our Boarding House
Welcome to Our Boarding House
Comfortable Self-contained Ensuite Rooms

We value Our Personal Hygiene. Providing Standard and Clean Convinence
Spacious Dining Hall

On joining the school at 13 years of age most pupils will share a room with one or two others. By the time pupils reach Sixth Form, it is usual for them to have their own study bedroom.


  • Indoor and outdoor recreational facilities
  • Study spaces
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Wi-Fi network throughout the house

Being on-site, boarders are also able to take full advantage of the wide variety of evening concerts, lectures and theatrical events that occur throughout the year.


Structured homework sessions every evening enable boarders to keep up with all their schoolwork, as well as to develop a dedicated work ethic that prepares them for university and beyond.


Each term stimulating and interesting outings are arranged for boarders such as trips to London’s many museums and art galleries. Pupils are also taken bowling, ice-skating and to the cinema and the theatre.


Within the Boarding House, activities are arranged such as film nights, concerts and parties so that boarders can get together and have fun as a group.